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3465Going to the Darkest Side?

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  • pjandlar
    Nov 9, 2006
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      The SheepShaver install is intimidating - well, not SheepShaver itself, but getting and
      setting up all the stuff needed to make it work. I've studied the info on the site John
      referenced and extracted step-by-step instructions. I've only gotten about half-way
      through them and already encountered several problems, and I'm not confident about
      some of the remaining steps.

      Meanwhile, I have a lot of Mac WP docs that I need to be working on, and my OS 9 iMac is
      sauteed (not *quite* fried, but close!). I do have access to an OS X iMac with Classic, but
      it's less convenient, and I'd *really* like to use my beautiful new 20" iBook with something
      other than TextEdit.

      So, here are my choices -
      1)continue slogging through the SheepShaver instructions, maybe or maybe not getting it
      to work.
      2)Buy MS Office and use Word - I need Excel and PowerPoint anyway so that's no biggie
      (and of course my previous version won't work on the Intel beastie).
      3) OR, what about buying - gulp - Windoze and PC WordPerfect? The new Intel Mac came
      with Parallels Desktop, so I *could* do that.....

      Which side is the darkest - Word on Mac, or WordPerfect under Windoze?

      Any thoughts on the above?
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