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3371Drag and drop: WP <-> OSX apps

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  • Thomas J. Rostafinski, Ph.D.
    Aug 25, 2006
      Curious thing, though, Geoff and John. When I drag from WP into (say)
      TextEdit, the dragged text vanishes from the WP window as it appears in
      the OSX app window -- which of course does not happen even when dragging
      between different WP windows. Dragging between windows is supposed to
      work like copy-paste, but here is works like cut-paste. I have to
      option-drag (as we do when dragging within one window in order to copy
      rather than cut) to keep the text in place in WP.

      Alternatively, "Undo" (command-Z) makes the text reappear in the WP
      window (and of course does not affect what had already been dragged into
      the TextEdit window).

      From NeoOffice, BTW, text drags into WP as text, but plain text, sans

      Is my install again doing things no one else's does??!!


      > But not Word - it still comes as a graphic!
      > With other programmes I do it all the time
      > Geoff
      >> >I'd just never noticed it before, but text can be dragged from WP to
      >> >an OSX application and back without problems. That's pretty good
      >> >integration between two separate environments, IMO.
      >> >
      >> >John R.
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