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3273[ANN] Citations 2.4

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  • John Rethorst
    Jul 31, 2006
      This set of Applescripts and macros transfers text and bibliographic
      references from a database to a WordPerfect document, placing
      citation data in bibliography, endnote or footnote format or a
      combination of formats. Supports any reference style, including
      Chicago, MLA, APA and any number of custom styles.

      Functions as easily and well as a commercial reference manager such
      as EndNote or ProCite. Works with any database program; comes with
      a completely configured FileMaker database. Operates as a
      transparent extension of both the database and WordPerfect.

      WordPerfect is widely considered still to be the best word processor
      available for serious academic and legal writing. This citation
      manager, the equal of any commercial program, is offered free in
      continuing support of the best serious writing environment that the
      personal computer has to offer.

      John R.

      There's a lot new in 2.4:

      Compatible with all Mac OS versions 7.5 and later. Applescripts
      run natively in OSX.

      Supports any number of authors in a record.

      A new macro, "Bibliography Duplicates", finds multiple bibliography
      entries of any reference in one document, as might occur if you
      combine multiple chapters into a single file.

      Any text you select, in the datafile's Text field or any other field, is
      transferred as styled text, preserving attribute formatting (e.g.
      fonts, italic).

      Cross-referencing now automatically follows the current citation
      type in the database. If your database is set to Footnotes, for
      example, cross-references will be footnotes.

      Comments are now placed with the bibliography entry in any
      reference type that includes a bibliography, and with the initial
      endnote or footnote in any reference type that includes notes.

      Control of automatic text and comments placement from the
      database into your paper is more flexible. Pressing the Command
      key toggles inclusion of the Text field, overriding the Include
      setting in the database (any text you select in the Text field transfers
      in any case). Pressing Option toggles inclusion of the Comments field,
      overriding the Include setting in the database.

      The database includes a "Mark" field and supporting scripts, so you
      can do a Find and then automatically enter any symbol in the Mark
      field of all or any found records. Enter any number of symbols for
      different found sets, and find boolean combinations. You can also
      automatically clear data from that field in all records.

      The database ships with a master password, "edit". Opening the
      database without entering any password allows Citations to work
      and supports browsing, exporting and printing records; i.e. general
      bibliographical use, including entry in and modification of the Memo
      and Mark fields. The password is required for other editing, and so
      serves as a guard against inadvertently erasing data. You can change
      the password for further protection.

      A "Get URL" script opens the URL contained in that field of any record.

      "Citations 2.4" is downloadable from the Files section here.
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