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3139Re: Problem printing Wordperfect docs in Classic on Mac minis

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  • Daryl Ngee Chinn
    Jul 21, 2006
      Sometime ago, I responded to this message by saying I had a similar problem to this
      posting, but I had a late G4-17 Powerbook and a Canon BubbleJet BJC-85 printer and
      couldn't print WP. Many people, Geoff most notably, and Canon USA, said I should just
      load and install the latest Canon Classic drivers. Well, you can't do this on these late
      PowerPC machines. I tried it many times without any luck.

      I found that Canon's Classic Drivers will only successfully install when if a machine is
      running Classic, which this late G4 does not do. Very briefly, then, this is what I've done
      successfully to make my PowerBook print from WP.

      You need a Firewire cable to do this and both your old and new computers. This will NOT
      work with the Intel machines, which will not and cannot run on Classic, unless there's a
      Classic emulator someone has cooked up. Here goes:

      1) Using your old machine, get on the Internet. Find and download Canon's latest Classic
      Printer software (3.4, in this case).
      2) Start your old machine in System 9.X. VERY IMPORTANT: Trash as much Canon stuff
      as you can, including anything in the Preferences file, which can often get corrupted.

      Decompress and install the Canon printer software onto your old computer.

      3) Put your new computer to sleep.
      4) Turn off your old computer.
      5) Plug the Firewire cables into both computers
      6) On the old computer, hold down the T key and start it.
      7) Continue to depress the T key until a Firewire symbol shows on the (old) screen. This
      symbol looks like a "radioactive" symbol, which is a circle surrounded by three trapezoids
      7) Wake your new machine. An orange hard drive with the Firewire symbol on it shows up
      (this is your old computer acting as an attached hard drive). Now comes the hard, tedious

      8) On your new machine, Trash all Canon icons, especially BJ Prefs, which can become
      corrupted. You can use the Finder to search out icons like BJ, BJC, Canon, etc.

      9) Open up the Fire-wired icon and copy any and every Canon BJC, BJ or Canon piece of
      software onto the idential folder or sub-folder into your new machine. [To copy, hold
      down the Option key, click on the icon to be moved, and move it to the equivalent folder
      of the new machine. When you get to the new folder, a + sign appears. Release the
      mouse/trackpad button and it will copy this into the new folder.] This step takes a long
      time, because you have to find everything, including the ColorSync modules (labeled BJ
      Standard, as well as the various BC- icons in the System Folder), the BJ Extras (on the Hard
      Drive), the Preferences, BJ-Back, Canon Spool Folder (System Folder) and Extensions.

      9) After you think you've copied them all, take the Firewired drive to the trash. You can
      now safely restart your old machine; it will be the old machine again, not a Firewire

      10) Restart your new machine. You might also be able to just restart Classic from System
      Preferences instead.

      11) Connect your computer to the Canon printer with a USB cable. Turn on your printer.

      12) Open a Classic application; open the Chooser.

      13) Select the BJC, and close the Chooser while you follow the prompts.

      14) Print from WP onto your Canon printer (including graphics!)!!!

      It is possible that all I simply had was a corrupted file somewhere. However, I tried
      everything, and only today did I have the time to perform all these steps (including the
      Install onto my old machine running natively on Classic) AND successfully print WP from
      this machine. I'm pretty happy. Now, will I be able to print WP on my OS X-only Okidata


      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, "soehnk" <soehn@...> wrote:
      > Hello,
      > In our publishing department, we use Wordperfect 3.5.4 that
      > ran on G4s. We've recently upgraded to Macminis running
      > Tiger 10.4.6. Now it seems that our printer (Canon Imagerunner
      > 330S) or any other postscript printer won't print any Wordperfect
      > docs with eps graphics in them. Wordperfect will print docs that
      > have no graphics in them, but as soon as we try to print a doc
      > that has graphics, it hangs and we then can't print Wordperfect
      > docs period. We have to relaunch Classic. The only way we can
      > print them is to convert the Wordperfect docs to pdf files.
      > Wonder what could be the problem?
      > Keith
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