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3133Re: Apple profit rises 48 pct, helped by iPod sales

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  • John Rethorst
    Jul 19 9:20 PM
      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, Ed Gould <edgould@...> wrote:

      > Why do you think APPPLE has refused to get into the word processing
      > game? I am reasonably new to APPLE (say about 5 years) so I don't
      > know of the history.

      > Did Apple have at one time a real word processor (please don't say
      > Appleworks I called that about the same as pages)?

      Apple introduced MacWrite (and MacPaint and MacDraw) along with the
      first Mac. MacWrite was pretty limited: no footnotes for example, while
      MS Word v. 1 had them. Apple continued development of MacWrite,
      ending up with MacWrite Pro, a decent word processor with a fine
      interface, but less powerful than Word, WordPerfect or FullWrite.

      Why they didn't give MacWrite the more aggressive development they
      gave FileMaker, I don't know. MS had a database then, MS File, that
      FileMaker trounced in the marketplace. Apple could have done as well
      with a word processor, I would think, except that word processors
      sell a lot more copies than databases, so MS might have been willing
      to compete as necessary there.

      John R.
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