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3132Re: [wpmac] Apple profit rises 48 pct, helped by iPod sales

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  • pascalos@yahoo.com
    Jul 19, 2006
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      Le 2006-07-19 à 23:13, Ed Gould a écrit :

      > Why do you think APPLE has refused to get into the word processing
      > game? I am reasonably new to APPLE (say about 5 years) so I don't
      > know of the history.

      The day Apple will sell a word processor, that day Apple will not
      have to fear the consequences of Microsoft leaving the Mac market.
      For this to happen, either :

      a) The Mac market share will have grown significantly for it to
      become impossible to ignore. Not very likely, if you ask me.

      b) A new open source format for office document will have taken over
      the closed source Office format that now prevails.

      Would any of those 2 possibilities happen, Microsoft would loose all
      its ability to blackmail Apple, and loose its status as the 1000-
      pounds-gorilla-that-rules-everything. Apple would then be free to
      recreate some kind of "MacWrite" from scratch... But I doubt
      WordPerfect's code would serve as the basis for this app since Corel
      holds on this code for unknown reasons and, anyway, the code is
      probably too old to be reusable nowadays (Mac OS X is not Mac OS 7 :
      no QuickDraw, not the same printing architecture, no resource forks...)

      Meanwhile, Apple offers Pages, an application that more a layout
      program than than a word processor !


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