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3124Re: Where to put WP 2-3 > Word converter?

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  • Dan Gilbert
    Jul 18, 2006
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      I've reluctantly given up on WordPerfect and have been converting all
      my WP files into Word 2004 so I may be of some help here.
      Long ago WP gave up on translators and started distributing
      DATAVIZ MacLinkPlus with WP. MacLinkPlus Deluxe 15.0 is still alive
      and well, cost $40, and can be bought online at
      Note that, according to Word 2004, "The default format for MS
      Word 2004 documents is shared by Word 98 through Word 2004 for Mac."
      I tried saving my WP files as "Microsoft Word 6.0" and they opened
      fine in Word 2004 My major problems with the conversion is that Word
      just does not read "center" or "flush right" and doesn't translate
      your Table of Contents.
      I also found a DATAVIZ translator (DataViz WP Translations,
      version DataViz API - 1.3 (c) 1995) filed in my Applications (Mac OS9)
      / WordPerfect 3.5e / Conversions.wpmac folder
      Hope this helps, Dan.
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