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3109Re: [wpmac] Works programs (was Re: New user?)

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  • Rick Albright
    Jul 12 3:00 PM
      > On Jul 11, 2006, at 4:56 AM, Don Zahniser wrote:
      > An interesting note to me (a former Apple IIGS enthusiast), was that
      > most of the ClarisWorks team originated from StyleWare, which had been
      > working on GSWorks (later AppleWorks GS from Claris) and that Beagle
      > Bros ended up with the code to StyleWare's TopDraw and MultiScribe GS
      > (sold as BeagleDraw and BeagleWrite, respectively).
      What I remember most about Beagle Brothers was the series of add-on
      programs for Appleworks (the original Appleworks that ran on the
      Apple ][ and Apple IIGS). These were some really nifty and creative
      patches that extended the functionality of the original program--
      report writers, macros, and a whole host of enhancements, some of
      which were quite powerful. I think it says a lot about how much the
      environment has changed--Appleworks was designed to be easy to patch
      to add functionality, as opposed to Microsoft's refusal to release
      the Windows APIs and possibly even to sabotage other programs. In the
      early 90s, I recall working on a project involving a contractor
      designing a system for storage and retrieval of engineering drawings--
      one of the first big forays into that area, just about when Windows
      3.1 came out--and even though it was a very large defense contractor,
      they had enormous problems getting Microsoft to give them the APIs to
      make their system work--and that was for a system that wasn't in
      competition with any Microsoft products (unlike Lotus or WordPerfect)!

      Thanks for awakening fond memories of the fun I had with Beagle's
      enhancements. I still have some of their decals around here
      somewhere . . .
      "No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual
      --James Madison, 1793

      Rick Albright
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