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3106Re: [wpmac] Retrieving elderly WP files

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  • Doug Auwarter
    Jul 11, 2006
      You didn't say which version of WP/win nor Appleworks she uses, but I
      would think the built in Maclink extention in Appleworks will allow
      them to be opened directly into Appleworks. If not, maybe it's worth
      the investment to get a full version of Maclink and convert them that
      way. It's very easy to use.

      On Jul 11, 2006, at 1:27 PM, Wynne Brown wrote:

      I'm a (generally polite :)) new member and a longtime
      Apple/Mac user. I've never used WordPerfect myself but have
      volunteered to help a writer friend who's recently come to Macs from
      the Dark Side. All her old files are in Word Perfect on a CD, and all
      she wants to do is move them to her new (but still PowerPC) iBook.
      Once they're moved, she'll be using Appleworks to work on them.
      Does she need to install WPmac, run it in Classic mode, then
      open and save the files as RTF? Or is there an easier way?
      She's not particularly computer-savvy, so if any of you have
      suggestions for the simplest solution I can give her, I'd be really
      appreciative! (I sent her to the FAQ, and she was overwhelmed ...)

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