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  • Don Zahniser
    Jul 11, 2006
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      John Rethorst wrote:

      > Hardware then improved to a point that supported better
      > works programs, and Beagle came along with BeagleWorks. It
      > was later bought by WordPerfect and renamed WordPerfect
      > Works. Reviewers gave its word processing module the best
      > grade, but it was buggy.
      > Symantec released GreatWorks, with an especially good
      > outliner for the program genre, and Claris released
      > ClarisWorks, with the best-reviewed spreadsheet of the lot.
      > As you know, Claris won.

      Those folks interested in the history of software development may wish
      to visit http://www-swiss.ai.mit.edu/~bob/clarisworks.php - a history of
      the development of ClarisWorks by one of its authors.

      An interesting note to me (a former Apple IIGS enthusiast), was that
      most of the ClarisWorks team originated from StyleWare, which had been
      working on GSWorks (later AppleWorks GS from Claris) and that Beagle
      Bros ended up with the code to StyleWare's TopDraw and MultiScribe GS
      (sold as BeagleDraw and BeagleWrite, respectively).

      - Don
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