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3062Classic Desktop in OSX (was: Conversions)

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  • John Rethorst
    Jul 2, 2006
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      > The paragraph next to "Rebuild Desktop" says (in part): "You may
      > need to do this [i.e. rebuild] if icons do not appear correctly or
      > documents are not opening in the application you used to create
      > them."
      > I have never had either of these problems. Do I still have to
      > rebuild? I did that once on my old 8500 and the whole desktop
      > got so jumbled that I couldn't get it reorganized for a long time.

      In OS 9, received wisdom recommended rebuilding the desktop once
      a month. OSX still has the OS 9 desktop, but its functions are reduced,
      and I don't know how necessary it is to rebuild it as part of a
      maintenance schedule (although I still rebuild mine every month).

      Does an OSX guru here have any enlightenment?

      John R.
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