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3061Re: [wpmac] Conversions

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  • RBRoufberg@aol.com
    Jun 27, 2006
      In a message dated 6/26/06 9:13:41 PM, jrethorst@... writes:

      > > Where is the MacLink extension? "Finder" doesn't find it.
      > It's part of the Conversions 2.1.1 download.
      > What I have in the Conversions 2.1.1 folder is "MacLink Plus
      WordPerfect 3." I asssume
      that is the "MacLink Extension" because I put it there, and it
      stayed. But I haven't yet had
      the occasion to use it.

      >> Also, it's a good idea to rebuild your Classic desktop every
      >> month or so. This is also done from the Classic prefpane.

      >Go to the Classic prefpane and click Advanced. The bottom button
      >in this pane rebuilds the Classic desktop. This is not related to
      >the desktop folder.

      The paragraph next to "Rebuild Desktop" says (in part): "You may
      need to do this
      [i.e. rebuild] if icons do not appear correctly or documents are
      not opening in the
      application you used to create them."

      I have never had either of these problems. Do I still have to
      rebuild? I did that
      once on my old 8500 and the whole desktop got so jumbled that I
      couldn't get
      it reorganized for a long time. Exactly where is the Classic
      Desktop located?
      What will happen now if I rebuild? Will it affect what is on my
      OSX desktop?

      As you can tell, I'm still intimidated by this computer!

      Thanks for your patience and continued help, John.

      Ruth R.

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