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3012Re: [wpmac] sort question

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  • John Kaufmann
    Jun 14, 2006
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      At 060607 21:15 -0400, luskin@... wrote:

      >I have used the sort tool, and it worked perfectly, however we need
      >one more thing. The items in the sorted file look like this:
      > a b c d.
      >How can we rearrange the file, so that the items appear
      > b a c d?

      When I read this question, I could not immediately visualize what you
      are asking but figured someone else might see what you mean. With
      the passage of a week without an answer, I infer that most readers
      were in the same boat, so let's try for clarification. WP's Sort is
      pretty powerful, but at its simplest (default) will simply order a
      list (where list items are delimited by end-of-line/new-line codes)
      alphabetically. Is that what you mean? If so,

      (1) Are your "a b c d" tab-delimited fields?

      (2) Are a and b something like firstname and lastname, and you want
      to reverse the order?

      There are different ways to accomplish such ends, but before we go
      into the means we need to be clear about the ends.
      John K
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