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  • Daryl Ngee Chinn
    Apr 3, 2006
      The short answer is no.

      WP for Macs ran on the old 9.x operating system,
      known as Classic for those with the Mac OS X
      also, operating system. The systems ran side by
      side, as it were. If you had a Mac OS X program,
      the computer ran that, and if you had on older
      9.x system, the Mac ran on that also, if you had
      it installed. On everything up to but not
      including the MacBook Pro, you could have run
      Corel for Macs.

      The new MacPros don’t have OS 9.x, and as far as
      I know, no one yet has been able to retro-fit a
      Classic operating system into the MacBook Pros.
      It’s pretty early to tell.

      If you use Corel WP/Mac and want to keep it, you
      might try to buy an inexpensive used or
      refurbished Mac for just that, which is what I
      did. Just make sure it runs the “Classic”
      operating system or earlier. There may be other
      programs out there which are equally or almost
      equally good. Maybe you could find a cheap
      Windows WordPerfect version or find some other
      workaround. Good luck.

      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, krcstudio <no_reply@...> wrote:

      > I purchased a Mac Book Pro not realizing that
      > Corel no longer makes WP for MACs. But I found a
      > site on line that allows you to download a copy
      > of WP for MACs. My question is this file has a
      > .bin extension. Is this similar to the .exe on a
      > PC and I will be able to open it without problems
      > to my system on the MAC?
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