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2635Problems with WP opening but not the doc

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  • Daryl Ngee Chinn
    Mar 26, 2006
      In my 3.5.4 WP I would occasionally find that clicking the document started WP but not the
      document. This happened mostly noticeably when I shocked my computer with static
      electricity in Nevada. I believe I solved the problem by rebuilding the desktop. With a Mac
      OS 10.... machine, if you have Classic also loaded, you can rebuild Classic without
      rebooting the entire machine. If this doesn't work, I think a cold boot or total restart (10 +
      Classic) should do the trick.


      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, "John Rethorst" <jrethorst@...> wrote:
      > --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, "Alarik W. Skarstrom" <acies@> wrote:
      > > double-clicking on a WP may launch WP
      > > but won't open the activated file.

      > I turned the machine off for a minute, then booting (i.e. a cold boot).
      > Bugs are gone. I thought of this after reading something on a Mac
      > hints website that a cold boot is sometimes a fix, even in this day
      > and age.
      > John R.
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