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2545Re: [wpmac] New To MAC & Forum: Love WordPerfect. Loathe Word.

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  • Randy B. Singer
    Feb 13, 2006
      jmhkdh said:

      > Not one single file
      >of mine from WP 11 transferred to Word/Mac. Obviously, the
      >content/archives for many years worth of business files is of
      >importance, but it's also the formatting of these docs/archives that are
      >so equally important.

      There are two ways to do this in a batch, and save all of your
      formatting. One that costs some money, and one that's free. Both assume
      that you still have access to your old PC to do the conversion prior to
      migrating your files to your new Macintosh.

      1 - Download the free trial version of WordPerfect v.12 for Windows and
      use the built-in translators. which reportedly work really well, to
      convert your files to Word format.




      2 - CrossWords, a popular Windows WordPerfect to Word conversion utility,
      will allow your documents to be converted in a batch.


      Randy B. Singer, Attorney at Law

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      The MacAttorney Computer User Group
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      The Macintosh Software Guide for the Law Office
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