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2542Re: [wpmac] New To MAC & Forum: Love WordPerfect. Loathe Word.

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  • Randall C. Wilson
    Feb 13 12:51 PM
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      Virtual pc works rather well on a G5 dual. and, of course, that lets
      you keep the version of WP you are used to.

      Wordperfect Mac running under Classic is even more seamless, and
      while WP mac has a great interface and we all love it, it may differ
      too much from the Windows version for your tastes. As long as you
      successfully install classic under OSX 10.4 (Tiger) --I had some
      problems with that--- you should be able to use WP 3.5e for the
      foreseeable future. Still some of the work-arounds to integrate WP
      3.5e with OSX are not entirely seamless.

      I for one am learning to use Word better (since it cannot be avoided
      and is a powerful program) and will pick up on an OSX "Word
      compatible" word processor for my future work one of these days. I
      will be looking particularly at Mellel (sp?) and Nisus Writer Express
      though there's half a dozen out there.

      The next release of Nisus Writer Express will include support for
      building tables of contents and indexes. That's when I'll try it out.

      Until then there's no problem for me in continuing to create in WP 3.5e.

      Since you face a learning curve almost any direction you look, I'd
      advise you to do some window shopping. You'll want to choose a
      replacement for WP by the time you decide to upgrade your OSX system
      beyond Tiger. At that point, the Classic environment that runs
      WP3.5e will no longer be supported by Apple, and 3rd party unix hacks
      can't be counted on to work for something you use daily.

      It will be interesting to see what happens with Virtual PC at that point.

      >Hello to You All-
      >I feel very lucky to have stumbled into this forum...
      >After spending several frustrating hours trying to find
      >the'Holy-Grail' of answers for using WordPerfect on my new Mac, this
      >link came via a company that makes 'NeoOffice'....
      >I absolutely love WordPerfect, and have used the program since it started.
      >I have been a 'PC' user for 20+ years. My business is Music
      >Production, Publishing and Songwriter Representation, where the
      >industry standard for audio recording and most all 'creative' related
      >businesses like video, film, graphic design, advertising...etc use
      >Mac's. My recording studio is a Mac based DAW (Digital Audio
      >Workstation) w/a ProTools Recording setup. However, the office
      >business has been PC based.... hence, WordPerfect.
      >Being absolutely fed-up w/ Windows, I enthusiastically switched the
      >office system to a Mac G5 Dual.....
      >You guessed it. NO WORDPERFECT!!! Help .... PLEASE.
      >I've searched and re-searched for an answer.
      >(Other than organizing a buy-out of Corel, then merge w/Apple)
      >What's the best way to go?
      >Classic Mode w/Tiger OS-X and WordPerfect 3.5? (seems old)
      >OR, the dreaded Virtual Pee-C, w/WordPerfect...? (seems scary)
      >NeoOffice, and other new companies, etc....? (seems shakey)
      >Thanks, and w/love, in advance!
      >Lost in Los Angeles,
      >Yahoo! Groups Links

      /S/ Randall


      Alternate: mailto:gryndal@...
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