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2513Re: [wpmac] problems opening from WP3.1

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  • Randall C. Wilson
    Feb 1, 2006
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      1. Hold down the option key while highlighting the file and choose
      "Open With"----navigate to WP 3.5e

      2. If that does not work, consider using MacLink Plus which can do
      two things that might help you:
      a. Fix type and creator settings
      b. Translate documents from older versions of Mac WP to 3.5e

      >hi, i hope someone here can help me...
      >i have some old (late 90's) documents that were saved in WP, they
      >seem to have been saved
      >in 3.1. i downloaded the free 3.5 version plus the update and am
      >running it on my os 10.4.
      >the program seems to work ok, but it's not reading my documents; it
      >won't even let me try to
      >open them with it. i was able to open a few of the more recent ones
      >with abi edit, but it
      >crashes when i try to open the slightly older ones (perhaps they're
      >an even older version of
      >WP?). i was also able to open a couple of the very small files with
      >textedit, but it can't handle
      >the larger ones.
      >does anyone have ideas of what the problem might be or how to fix
      >it? i suppose it's possible
      >that the files are so old that they've been corrupted, but i'm
      >hoping there's still some way to
      >get into them.
      >Yahoo! Groups Links

      /S/ Randall


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