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2445Re: [ANN] WP 4.0 Icon/Version updater

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  • russellhwalker
    Jan 9, 2006
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      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, "John Rethorst"
      <jrethorst@y...> wrote:
      > I'm stumped, since the first thing both scripts do is check for the
      Akua osax.
      > Try this: navigate to your Scripting Additions folder, highlight
      Akua, and do
      > a Get Info - sort of reminds the OS that the file is there. Then
      open Script
      > Editor, a small program that comes with the Mac. Within that, open the
      > Splash screen script. Add and then delete a space anywhere in the
      > Click the Compile button, then choose Save from the File menu, and close
      > the script. Let me know how that works.
      > John R.

      John, I think the problem may be that you were an "early adopter" of
      the scripts and these people are doing a clean install. Just for
      grins, to see what all the issues were, I tried it moments ago on an
      already-working fairly vanilla WP 3.5e with updater install, got the
      same error message reported in this forum, and here's what I had to do
      to get the icon updater script to work for a Mac OS X installation
      (your suggestion about add character/delete character, save/compile,
      etc., did not work):

      (1) download the "Akua Sweets 143" package, unstuff it, place the
      "Akua Sweets 143" folder in the "System Folder" for OS 9 at the root
      level of the Mac HD;

      (2) (this step seems to be missed in the instructions) run the
      "installer" inside the Akua Sweets 143 folder installed in step 1

      (3) rebuild the OS 9 desktop (System Preferences, Classic pane, click
      the Advanced button, rebuild desktop)

      Now the updater was able to run without giving the error message.
      Hope this helps.
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