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2394Re: [wpmac] Digest Number 294

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  • Paul Meijer
    Dec 28, 2005
      >> Thank you all for the response. I tried the LaserWriter8 driver in
      >> the Chooser and that works, even in color. But I have no idea how to
      >> take the fonts in the conversion process. Most of my files use the
      >> Futura MD BT font. Also I noticed that columns didn't work out well
      >> in the conversion. Any further suggestions?
      > I'm not sure about the columns (they really should work without any
      > problem; I haven't ever had any problems), but you can embed fonts by
      > choosing "Save as File" from the menu in the Print dialogue (the menu
      > that displays "General" by default) and then setting "Font Inclusion"
      > to anything other than "None" (I usually use "All" or "All but
      > standard 13"--the latter if I'm using, in addition to "custom fonts",
      > some of the standard PDF fonts that are installed on every system and
      > want to cut down on the filesize a bit).
      > I'm away at the moment, but I can explain in greater detail next week
      > if this doesn't make sense :-)
      > Smokey

      Thank you, Smokey.
      Spare the effort. I found it out already - as I said in a my previous
      message. I'm fine until far past the introduction of the Intel based

      In that msg I also wished all here a good start of 2006 and I repeat
      it: happy new year