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2347Re: [wpmac] [ANN] New Conversion Guide (was: Urgent Question!)

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  • Rick Albright
    Nov 30, 2005
      A brilliant guide!
      --Rick Albright

      On Nov 30, 2005, at 5:30 PM, J Busch wrote:

      > I have put together a WP Conversion guide that can be found at:
      > http://homepage.mac.com/eagle4031/FileSharing32.html
      > John if you want to add it to the files in this group that would be
      > fine.
      > It was written so that my mom could follow the instructions. So
      > hopefully it might be of some use to newbies that are finding some
      > difficulty with Mac OSX and WP.
      > -Jonathan
      > Sunshine <sunshine9477@...> wrote:     Hi,
      > I have the same problem that Carlos has. I've used WordPerfect from
      > V.5.1 for DOS up to
      > V.11 for Windows. I am almost totally ignorant of Macs and how they
      > work. {I've only had
      > this one for less than 3 days}.
      > I'm a writer and between my novel and my short stories, I have
      > thousands of pages in WP
      > for Windows. First, I made an emulated PC and tried to run WP9. But
      > it ran slow, and the
      > text was funny. Then I d'led WP3.5e and got it up and running. But I
      > can't convert my files.
      > I read the answer to Carlos, but don't know what to do. What's a
      > 'droplet'? and where do I
      > put them after I've extracted them? I back-saved a couple of my WP11
      > files to WP6, as 3.5
      > says that it can save to WP6. My WPWin files are on a ZIP disk, but
      > WPMac only sees the
      > folders they're in, not the files themselves. But when I try 'save
      > as' it shows me the files.
      > I'm kind of in a hurry with this, too, as I only have a few days in
      > which I can return this Mac
      > and get my money back. I'm not sure I want to do that, but my writing
      > is paramount and if
      > I can't write comfortably on this very expensive PowerBook, I can't
      > afford to keep it.
      > Thanks,
      > Micki
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