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2297Re: [wpmac] WP DocCompare function

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  • Geoff Gilbert
    Nov 11, 2005

      My situation is different. I am using OSX with WP under Classic, but
      WPDocCompare in OSX. I also use the droplet, not the script. I just
      compared two similar files (one of 68k, the other 36k). It took about
      three minutes to find over 2000 differences in each file. I dropped
      the two files on the droplet, it asked me to find WP) and then it
      ran. I had previously copied the macro in the Readme file into


      >At 051108 00:23 -0500, John Kaufmann wrote:
      >>One of the big functional holes in WP/Mac is its lack of a document
      >>comparison function. It's a hole that I understood was filled by
      >>Gero Hermann's script WP DocCompare (v.2.01) -- but I've never been
      >>able to make it work ...
      >When I consider why that question of a few days ago has so far
      >received no reply, I think it is probably because my poor
      >presentation of the question may have given an impression that - as a
      >newbie to the interaction of AppleScript with Perl - I was just
      >looking for scripting guidance to help make the DocCompare script
      >work. In fact, I'm willing to do the digging on the scripting issues
      >myself (though any pointers would be welcome).
      >The central question the one with which I concluded that post: Is
      >anyone using the WP DocCompare script? [preferably under Mac OS 8.6]
      >It seems to churn away on the two topmost windows, apparently doing
      >what needs to be done - but when finished none of the differences are
      >marked ... all of which suggests that it might be a small change to
      >get it to work. If you are using it, did you need to make any
      >changes to get it to work?
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