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2296Re: [wpmac] WP DocCompare function

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  • John Kaufmann
    Nov 10, 2005
      At 051108 00:23 -0500, John Kaufmann wrote:

      >One of the big functional holes in WP/Mac is its lack of a document
      >comparison function. It's a hole that I understood was filled by
      >Gero Hermann's script WP DocCompare (v.2.01) -- but I've never been
      >able to make it work ...

      When I consider why that question of a few days ago has so far
      received no reply, I think it is probably because my poor
      presentation of the question may have given an impression that - as a
      newbie to the interaction of AppleScript with Perl - I was just
      looking for scripting guidance to help make the DocCompare script
      work. In fact, I'm willing to do the digging on the scripting issues
      myself (though any pointers would be welcome).

      The central question the one with which I concluded that post: Is
      anyone using the WP DocCompare script? [preferably under Mac OS 8.6]
      It seems to churn away on the two topmost windows, apparently doing
      what needs to be done - but when finished none of the differences are
      marked ... all of which suggests that it might be a small change to
      get it to work. If you are using it, did you need to make any
      changes to get it to work?
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