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2271Re: [wpmac] footnotes in tables?

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  • RjC
    Nov 1, 2005
      how? I'm having no luck figuring it out. I am only able to get the text to
      appear at the end of the document. the number appears at the bottom of the
      table and the text appears at the end of the document.

      we have small tables w/ population statistics. The tables have titles at the
      top where we need to have the endnote/footnote number which would relate to
      the endnote located at the end of the document.

      circa 11/1/2005 3:28 PM, "[rjc]" <[rjtc@...]> opined:

      > Footnotes apparently not. However, you can insert endnotes?
      > Geoff
      >> is it possible to place footnotes in tables? Can someone with
      >> knowledge of how provide specific instructions ... many thanks
      >> for assistance. rich
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