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2170Re: [wpmac] Political Rant (was: Re: Future of WordPerfect Redux)

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  • Randy B. Singer
    Oct 3, 2005
      David Derbes said:

      >I think you have much too high an opinion not only of Microsoft's
      >intelligence but
      >especially of its morality.
      >I have NO evidence, but if it turned out...

      No, I don't have a high opinion of Microsoft at all. Quite the contrary.
      But as you said, there is *no* evidence that Microsoft had a hand in the
      discontinuation of any WordPerfect product. None.

      There was a Justice Department investigation where, I'm sure, the JD had
      a look at all internal communications within MS, probably including all
      of their e-mail. That turned up nothing.

      And...there was a separate and unrelated anti-trust lawsuit brought by
      the government against MS. Corel could have easily spoken up and joined
      in during that suit, as several other manufacturers did. If they had,
      they could have had a huge civil lawsuit against MS if any wrongdoing was
      found. (The judge affirmed all alligations of wrongdoing in that case.)
      Note that every company that joined in on that suit eventually brought a
      civil action and gained a huge settlement from MS totalling hundreds of
      millions of dollars.

      Which brings us to where we are, and where that is is that we don't like
      MS. But...in the absence of even a scintilla of evidence that Microsoft
      had any role in the discontinuation of WP/Mac, WP/Java, WP/OS2 and
      WP/Linux, and/or any role in their continuing absense from the market,
      especially after both the Justice Department and Corel had plenty
      adequate opportunity to address such a deed, any accusations that they
      did looks kind of silly.

      It also is pointless to debate the matter. There is no basis for a debate.

      Randy B. Singer
      Co-Author of: The Macintosh Bible (4th, 5th and 6th editions)

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