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2167Re: [wpmac] Re: Future of WordPerfect Redux

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  • Randy B. Singer
    Oct 3, 2005
      R. Kevin Hill said:

      >I thought I had addressed this, but perhaps my claim had been refuted
      >and I missed it? Many years ago, Corel and Microsoft entered into a
      >contract. I don't recall what MS gave them (money I think, I think
      >they were in trouble at the time) and in exchange Corel agreed to
      >shelve WPMac permanently, in order to give MSWord a monopoly on the
      >Mac platform, while giving their only serious competition on the
      >Windows platform a boost in terms of drawing people to Windows, also
      >an MS product, away from Mac. Whether this was a good idea or not I
      >don't know, but the upshot is that MS *paid* Corel to kill it and they
      >did, and the result is that Word is the monopoly program on the Mac
      >platform. Thus no technical obstacles are relevant and it can never be
      >revived unless MS says so, which they won't.

      That is, of course, a compelling paranoid fantasy, but just about none of
      it is true.

      Development for WP/Mac was officially discontinued several months before
      Microsoft invested in Corel, and it was moribund well before that.



      The Justice Department throughly looked into any anti-trust problems with
      MS's investment in Corel, the big concern not being WP/Mac, but WP/Linux:


      Ultimately the Justice Department didn't find any illegal agreements, and
      under the pressure of all the bad publicity, MS divested itself of its
      interest in Corel.

      There was no "contract" for Corel to kill anything, and there is no
      ongoing influence that MS has over Corel to keep any products off of the
      Market. Indeed, though MS has been a bully in the marketplace, as seen
      in the MS anti-trust lawsuit brought by the government, MS isn't, or
      wasn't, stupid enough to pay off a competitor in a high-profile public
      way, to kill off a competing product. Not even Microsoft is that stupid
      and arrogant.

      Randy B. Singer
      Co-Author of: The Macintosh Bible (4th, 5th and 6th editions)

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