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2165Re: [wpmac] Future of WordPerfect Redux

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  • Phillip Jones, C.E.T.
    Oct 3 8:33 AM
      Randy B.Singer wrote:
      > Rick Mansfield said:
      > >In reflecting on the answers to the question I posted a few days ago, I
      > >had another thought.
      > >In a sense, isn't there a version of WordPerfect native to OS X
      > >already...more specifically, the
      > >version written for NeXTStep? Would this version run as is in OS X? Or if
      > >not, how much would
      > >it have to be tweaked to work? Who holds the rights to this version? And
      > >who developed it?
      > >Corel? Novel? WordPerfect Corp?
      > >
      > >Has this been proposed before--to modify the NeXTStep version of
      > >WordPerfect for OS X?
      > This has been discussed previously on this list. In fact, it is not even
      > the best/easiest solution for coming up with an OS X-native version of
      > WP.
      > Corel developed a version of WordPerfect for Java that had an interface
      > that was practically indistinguishable from WP/Mac. I played with it
      > myself at Macworld Expo a number of years ago.
      > Java is a native application language for OS X. So, the Java version of
      > WP could be released for the Mac now, and it is probably ready to go with
      > very little or no modification.
      > Corel shelved the Java version of WP, and never released it.
      > But as I have stated previously, there have been several experiences that
      > lead me to believe that the stumbling block isn't the effort or expense
      > necessary to come up with an updated version of WP/Mac. I actually think
      > that that would be the easy part. I think that it would be all of the
      > stuff that would accompany marketing a new Mac WP product that Corel
      > wants to have nothing to do with.
      > Randy B. Singer
      > Co-Author of: The Macintosh Bible (4th, 5th and 6th editions)
      > Routine OS X Maintenance and Generic Troubleshooting
      > http://www.macattorney.com/ts.html

      If that's the problem why doesn't Corel sell WordPerfect to someone else.

      I mean the Mac, PC, Linux, Unix versions period. Since they want to go
      strictly into Graphics which was their Forte before buying WordPerfect.

      They are dumb or stubborn?
      Phillip M. Jones, CET |LIFE MEMBER: VPEA ETA-I, NESDA, ISCET, Sterling
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      If it's "fixed", don't "break it"!

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