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2162Re: [wpmac] Future of WordPerfect Redux

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  • John Rethorst
    Oct 2, 2005
      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, Randy B. Singer <randy@m...> wrote:

      > Corel developed a version of WordPerfect for Java that had an interface
      > that was practically indistinguishable from WP/Mac. I played with it
      > myself at Macworld Expo a number of years ago.
      > Java is a native application language for OS X. So, the Java version of
      > WP could be released for the Mac now, and it is probably ready to go with
      > very little or no modification.
      > Corel shelved the Java version of WP, and never released it.
      > But as I have stated previously, there have been several experiences that
      > lead me to believe that the stumbling block isn't the effort or expense
      > necessary to come up with an updated version of WP/Mac. I actually think
      > that that would be the easy part. I think that it would be all of the
      > stuff that would accompany marketing a new Mac WP product that Corel
      > wants to have nothing to do with.

      This is hard to understand. Corel makes money by developing and marketing
      software. If a market has been identified, and the company does not have
      a product for it, it has a decision to make. But if the product is there now,
      and there are no issues of amortization of development costs, why on earth
      doesn't Corel release it? They could make it a web download (no printing
      or distribution costs), charge for support etc. Every sale is pure profit.

      John R.
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