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2093Re: auto numbering problem (was: Converting from WP PC docs)

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  • John Rethorst
    Sep 2, 2005
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      > Can you explain how to make a Macro to change the
      > numbering from automatic to fixed, or point me to a
      > resource on how to do that?

      There's a macro for that under Numbering in John's WP Tips &
      Macros 2.0, in the Files section here.

      > Maybe I could even have the person who writes the file run
      > a Macro before sending it to me. Will a Mac WP Macro work
      > in Windows WP?


      >> However, the Euro symbols have been
      >> replaced with `¤' which turns into square boxes
      >> when viewed in html in a browser. I suppose those
      >> could be changed with a macro.
      > Or just use Find/Change to Change All.

      > The reference to square box like symbols for the Euro does
      > not like that when opened in WP, only when a converted
      > html file is opened. While find/change sounds all well and
      > good, I don't seem to be able to copy the odd Euro symbol
      > replacement (two questions marks (one upside down) in an
      > open topped basin) so that I can do a find/change when I
      > open the file in WP. What is that symbol and can I
      > recreate it in the find/change dialog box?

      What do the codes for those symbols look like, when you
      Show Codes?
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