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2092Re: [wpmac] auto numbering problem (was: Converting from WP PC docs)

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  • Karl Winkelmann
    Sep 2, 2005
      > On or about 9/2/2005 4:39 PM wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com AKA >
      wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com eruditely mused the following:

      Thanks John,

      >> Actually I am unable to open the original file in WP
      >> (maybe I need to convert it),
      >Do you have the latest Conversions folder (v. 2.1)?
      >Have you tried the Batch_Set_WP_PC_Type-Creator
      >droplet? Both are in Files -> Conversions here.
      As mentioned later in the original post, I WAS unable to open it but
      downloaded the droplets, so, yes, I do have the latest droplets and by
      that method was eventually able to open the file in WP.

      I also mentioned, when the file is open in WP the numbers restart from 1
      after some apparently normal (unnumbered) paragraphs, even though there
      are other unnumbered paragraphs in between a long set of numbered lines
      of text. I don't see a pattern as to why this numbering restarts from 1
      is happening.
      >> I was sent a file converted by his version of WP into html
      >> and when I reopen that in WP 3.5e the numbering is
      >> retained BUT the tab after it has vanished and I really
      >> need the tab so I can format the page into a decent format
      >> that make some sense.
      >A macro could keep the number, or change automatic
      >numbering to fixed or vice versa, and add a tab.
      Can you explain how to make a Macro to change the numbering from
      automatic to fixed, or point me to a resource on how to do that? I am
      ignorant of WP Macros Maybe I could even have the person who writes the
      file run a Macro before sending it to me. Will a Mac WP Macro work in
      Windows WP?
      >> However, the Euro symbols have been
      >> replaced with '¤' which turns into square boxes
      >> when viewed in html in a browser. I suppose those
      >> could be changed with a macro.
      >Or just use Find/Change to Change All.
      The reference to square box like symbols for the Euro does not like that
      when opened in WP, only when a converted html file is opened. While
      find/change sounds all well and good, I don't seem to be able to copy the
      odd Euro symbol replacement (two questions marks (one upside down) in an
      open topped basin) so that I can do a find/change when I open the file in
      WP. What is that symbol and can I recreate it in the find/change dialog

      Karl Winkelmann

      Karl Winkelmann
      CCSG, FPHS & MPHS Webmaster

      MPHS: http://www.MilitaryPHS.org/
      CCSG: http://ccsg.postalcensorship.com/
      FPHS: http://fphs.postalcensorship.com/
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