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2075Re: Printing from Classic

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  • Thomas J. Rostafinski, Ph.D.
    Aug 25, 2005
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      John, thank you for the macro and other suggestions.

      I finally gave your macro a try, and was VERY HAPPY to find that:

      - the lines it makes print in Classic, and

      - I can type on them, making them suitable for forms, and

      - the entire line prints in Classic, not just the typed-on portion.

      Thank you again! It takes a little work to get the numbers of spaces
      just right, but this really saves the day.

      I played around with the Repeat command too, which I had not known
      about. Interesting. I like your macro better for underlines, but the
      command may have some other uses later.

      Since this thread was a while ago, the problem was:

      > I've run into one glitch, though. When documents made using the
      > following procedure (which I think is nothing new, though I cannot now
      > find the source from which I kept this one instruction) are printed from
      > Classic, the lines do not print except where text has been typed; to get
      > the lines to print correctly I have to restart in 9.2.2. Has anyone run
      > into this?
      >>> Position your cursor at the beginning of the document, then pull down
      >>> the Style menu and select Other (or press Command-H) to bring up the
      >>> Character Format window. Click in the checkbox next to Tabs in the
      >>> area labeled Continuous Underline, then press OK.
      >>> Next, position your cursor where you would like the line to start.
      >>> Click on the first pop up on the Layout Bar, and select Clear Tabs.
      >>> Then, place a tab (by clicking just below the ruler) where you would
      >>> like the line to end. And finally, turn on Underline (from the Style
      >>> menu, or press Command-U), press the <Spacebar> once, press <Tab>,
      >>> then turn off Underline.

      John's solution was:

      > I found several posts from several years by searching messages here,
      > but don't know how much info would apply to a problem apparently new
      > in OSX. IAC underlined spaces print for me, but not tabs. Would using
      > spaces be OK? To do that easily, use this nearly-forgotten WP
      > feature: put your cursor where you'd like an underline, turn on
      > underlining, and press Command-Clear to get the Repeat function, with
      > a count that defaults to 8. Your next action, pressing the spacebar,
      > will be repeated 8 times. Then turn underlining off. To change the
      > repeat count, press Command-Shift-Clear to set the count to, say,
      > 100. OK that and go back to Command-Clear to activate repeat.
      > Or run this macro where you want an underline:
      Get Integer (Var00;5;250;"Underlined Spaces";"Enter number of underlined
      spaces to type:")
      Attribute (On;Underline)
      Type ( )
      Assign (Var01;Var01+1)
      Until (Var01=Var00)
      Attribute (Off;Underline)

      (I pasted the macro itself in without quote marks to make it easier for
      anyone who wants to try it.)

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