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2002Printing from Classic

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  • Thomas J. Rostafinski, Ph.D.
    Jul 31, 2005
      Hi, Everyone.

      After nearly three years of using OS 9.2.2 on my TiBook on which Jaguar
      was installed, I have finally migrated to Panther, thanks in no small
      part to encouragement from many on this list. I like the new operating
      system generally, and WordPerfect's performance in Classic so far has
      been fine. Publish and Subscribe still works within Classic, so I've
      been happy to find that John R's UltraClip still works.

      I've run into one glitch, though. When documents made using the
      following procedure (which I think is nothing new, though I cannot now
      find the source from which I kept this one instruction) are printed from
      Classic, the lines do not print except where text has been typed; to get
      the lines to print correctly I have to restart in 9.2.2. Has anyone run
      into this?

      > Position your cursor at the beginning of the document, then pull down
      > the Style menu and select Other (or press Command-H) to bring up the
      > Character Format window. Click in the checkbox next to Tabs in the
      > area labeled Continuous Underline, then press OK.
      > Next, position your cursor where you would like the line to start.
      > Click on the first pop up on the Layout Bar, and select Clear Tabs.
      > Then, place a tab (by clicking just below the ruler) where you would
      > like the line to end. And finally, turn on Underline (from the Style
      > menu, or press Command-U), press the <Spacebar> once, press <Tab>,
      > then turn off Underline.

      I would be happy to send an sample document or two for posting.

      Kudos to John for revitalizing the WP list, and to John and many of the
      rest of you for finding ways to keep WP not just working but competitive
      (I just installed the Freeware PDF Distiller as described on the WP-DOS
      site, for example, and it works great). Thank you all.


      Thomas J. Rostafinski, Ph.D.
      Licensed Clinical Psychologist
      1140 Lake Street, Suite 508
      Oak Park, IL 60301-1053
      (708) 848-1611
      fax (708) 848-1436
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