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1957Re: [wpmac] Reveal Codes

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  • James ARTHURS
    Jul 18 2:24 PM
      Under the 'Edit", with a WordPerfect window open, there is an option
      'Show Codes"
      or, in your friend's case,'Hide Codes'. Clearly, each cancels out the
      other, so your
      friend should click on 'Hide Codes'and just carry on with what he was

      On Jul 18, 2005, at 12:55 AM, squint555 wrote:

      > HI.  I'm asking this question for an 80 year old friend whose knowledge
      > of wp and macs is very, very limited.
      > He did something recently that causes the formatting codes to be
      > revealed when ever he types or edits a wp document.  How does he
      > shutoff those codes permanently? (he never uses them and doesn't know
      > what they mean anyway.)  He doesn't know what version wp he has or
      > what
      > mac os.
      > Thanks much.  
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