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1781[wordperfectmac] Re: Printing in WP - Classic

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  • Geoff Gilbert
    May 9, 2005
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      I have upgraded and the upgrade process (including launching Classic
      that then asks if you want to update that, too) seems to choose the
      Laser Writer 8 printer in Chooser. That is then configured for
      whatever OS X printer you have and you can print automatically via a
      .ps file (don't ask me how, I merely saw the .ps file being created).
      However, since I have an OS 9 driver for that printer that gives me a
      lot of control over the printer, I have reverted to the OS 9 driver
      under Chooser.

      It works, but it adds a layer to the process even if you don't have
      to do anything. No new fonts become available as a result of this
      access to OS X printers.


      >--- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, Steve Kane <skane@s...> wrote:
      >> There may be an exception to this now with Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. I have
      >> read one report that in the Print Dialog Box (or maybe it's the Page
      >> Setup Dialog Box) of a Classic application a drop down menu appears
      >> listing Mac OS X printers that are not even installed in Classic. I
      >> gather that these printers do not show up in the Chooser.
      >The undersigned luddite hasn't upgraded yet, but Apple has some
      >pages on Classic support in Tiger. See the new link to "Classic
      >Applications in Tiger" in the Links section here, which has a
      >link to a page on printing, which says:
      >> Mac OS 9 applications can use the same printers that
      >> Mac OS X applications can use, even if you do not have
      >> Mac OS 9 drivers for those printers.
      >apparently confirming what Steve heard. Assuming this is new
      >in Tiger, Apple has actually enhanced Classic support in the
      >new OS, something I'm very happy to see.
      >IAC, don't forget Ed Mendelson's recipe for a free Print to
      >PDF driver for Classic, in "WP and OSX" in the Links section
      >John R.
      >Yahoo! Groups Links
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