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  • John Rethorst
    May 2, 2005
      Conversion files apparently are subject to corruption. I've
      been working on an Applescript that will take a Word file
      dropped on it, open it in Appleworks, save it as RTF and
      open it in WP. All of which can be done manually, but this
      saves keystrokes. I'd been having trouble with the open in
      WP part, and just now replaced WP's RTF filter with a new
      one - from Conversions 2.1, whose filters came right off
      the last CD. RTF convert now works fine.

      I'd like to make this Applescript work with TextEdit, since
      that comes with all new Macs. Appleworks comes with most
      but not all. TextEdit is harder to script, though. OTOH
      plenty of people on OS 9 have Appleworks, and this will
      work on those machines.

      John R.