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1720Text concordance

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  • John Rethorst
    Mar 14, 2005
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      Here's an Applescript to make a list of every word in a WP
      doc (without duplicates). Have the doc as the front window
      when you run this.

      set theConcordance to {}
      tell application "WordPerfect" to set theText to text of ¬
      document 1
      set wordList to words of theText
      repeat with i in wordList
      if theConcordance does not contain i then set ¬
      theConcordance to theConcordance & (i as string)
      end repeat
      set text item delimiters to return
      tell application "WordPerfect"
      make window with data "" & (theConcordance as string)
      end tell
      John R.