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1616[wordperfectmac] Re: A very slow WP

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  • Randall C. Wilson
    Jan 31, 2005
      The Mozilla engine/web browser is the old Netscape browser simplified
      and rewritten rationally. It is not the bloatware monster that
      Netscape was. Netscape then began using the stand alone Mozilla
      engine in its latest browsers renaiming it as "Gecko". "Firefox" is
      the new kid on the block and was developed as open source ty the same
      people who rescued and streamlined the Netscape code to create the
      Mozilla browser.

      Peek-a-boo helped me troubleshoot performance issues under OS 9, but
      my advice would be to start saving your pennies and switch up to OSX.
      You can still run all your old programs in Classic, and WP 3.5e will
      work better than it does in OS9, although you may encounter some
      change or substitution of font issues in your old legacy documents.

      >-- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, "Randall C. Wilson"
      ><rwilson@i...> wrote:
      >First of all, many thanks for a prompt and very enlightening reply.
      >After checking the preference file and reducing the frequency of
      >backups, in vain, I finally boiled it down to File Sharing, which was
      >on because of our mini-network (2 computers); when I turned FS off, WP
      >began to behave properly.
      >I wass curious about your mention of Netscape because I use Mozilla,
      >which I understand to be built around a Netscape frame. Have there
      >been problems with Mozilla in this respect?
      >Per your recommendation I have downloaded Peekaboo (it's been ages
      >since I've heard that expression) and am currently familiarizing
      >myself with it before deciding wither or not I want to pay for and
      >keep it.
      >Once again, thanks.
      >> A corrupted preference file is always the first thing to check. You
      >> do not have to trash your old preferences. Just move the
      >> WordPerfect preferences out of the preference folder (perhaps to your
      >> desktop) and restart WP. If the problems are still there it was not
      >> your preference file and you may replace the newly created preference
      >> file with your old one.
      >> What background tasks do you have WP set to do? Frequent backups
      >> because it sounds like you are hearing disk activity? Turn off
      >> Virtual memory which substitutes disk space for RAM and is very slow.
      >> Some OS9 applications sometimes fail to surrender RAM after quitting.
      >> Netscape used to do this. That could trigger virtual memory use.
      >> Maybe you need to save your preference file and reinstall WP if
      >> these things don't work..
      >> It may not be a problem with WordPerfect at all. Sounds like you
      >> have a process running in the background that is eating up processing
      >> time. This could be a problem with an application that runs in the
      >> background like a fire wall program, or even FileSharing or indexing.
      >> Turn off FileSharing. Programs that work with servers are often
      >> intrusive.
      >> A relatively inexpensive shareware program called Peek-a-Boo, will
      >> allow you to see what processes are active and allow you to kill an
      >> active process that is causing trouble in OS9.
      >> At 11:06 PM +0000 1/19/05, rjwidenmann wrote:
      >> >First, congratulations on the new group.
      >> >
      >> >For reasons unknown to me WP 4 runs so slowly with ordinary documents
      >> >of one or more pages (the more pages the worse) that it hardly keeps
      >> >up with my typing. And that's slow, believe me. I have an iMac 233 Mhz
      >> >with 256 MB RAM, OS 9.2.2 and 25 MB allocated to WP. I invariably hear
      >> >activity in the background, a clicking peculiar to WP.
      >> >
      >> >I've run the program with no other programs open, had DiskWarrior do
      >> >its job, rebuilt the desktop countless times and established documents
      >> >both independently and from templates - to no avail. Does anyone have
      >> >a quick solution that might help? Or will I have to replace the
      >> >preference file or even reinstal the program - and then reset all the
      >> >preferences?
      >> >
      >> >I have also posted a similar message on the old (and I hope not
      >> >defunct) email group.
      >> >
      >> >Regards, Bob
      >> >
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      >> --
      >> /S/ Randall
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      >Yahoo! Groups Links
      >To visit your group on the web, go to:
      >To unsubscribe from this group, send an email to:
      >Your use of Yahoo! Groups is subject to the
      ><http://docs.yahoo.com/info/terms/>Yahoo! Terms of Service.

      /S/ Randall


      Alternate: mailto:gryndal@...

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