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Re: [WORD OF THE LIVING GOD MINISTRY] Living Life God's Way 4/6/2004:

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  • William Moreland
    I find that the number of posts is dwindling here and I am so very disappointed. I have been looking forward to the many articles of spiritual encouragement
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      I find that the number of posts is dwindling here and I am so very disappointed. I have been looking forward to the many articles of spiritual encouragement that I have found here. Here is something a friend sent to me some time ago. may I share this with you.


      The Heavens are dark overhead,

      Storm clouds swirl around,

      I feel I am in a vacuum,

      Hard crushing blows do abound.

      Oh God, where are you in all this,

      My heart cries out in despair,

      The heavens are like brass when I pray,

      And my prayers don't get anywhere.

      My heart is so heavy and broken,

      I have no peace of mind,

      Satan is tormenting me,

      No comfort in your word I find.

      I've seen your saints suffering so,

      God I do not understand,

      They have served you many years,

      You seem to have withdrawn your hand.

      What are you trying to teach me Lord?

      I will gladly try to learn,

      What is your will for me Lord?

      Life seems threatened at every turn.

      It's just one thing after another Lord,

      All the death, the suffering,

      The outlook seems so gloomy,

      Is this just a buffering?

      All the trouble and tribulation,

      Life seems to make no sense,

      I call to you Almighty God,

      Please come to my defense.

      Lord, I bow before You,

      In total submission to your will,

      Fill my heart with your Holy Spirit,

      May Your love show through me still.

      Hold me in the hollow of your hand,

      Let me find peace, comfort and rest,

      I will listen for your still small voice,

      In my heart you are a welcomed guest.

      written by: Charene Woodall

      Ross Thompson <rossboss@...> wrote:
      +Living Life God's Way+


      Whatever you do, whether in work or deed, do it all in the name of the
      Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.
      Colossians 3:17
      Everything! All! No matter what we say, no matter what we do, it is
      to be offered as a gift of thanks to God with Jesus' name, power and
      honor attached! This makes all of life our worship and thanksgiving to
      God, There's no such thing as going to worship; if we live, if we talk,
      if we act, it's worship. So how has your worship been lately?
      Today's Verse by Phil Ware; Crosswalk.com; 11/25/2003

      Routinely Fresh
      That which is done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under
      the sun.
      Ecclesiastes 1:9
      All of us are bound to repeat ourselves as we go about our daily
      routine. Time after time we eat, sleep, work and clean up. We can lose
      our enthusiasm for life if "there is nothing new under the sun"
      (Ecclesiastes 1:9).
      There is another way to view life, however. The world may be likened
      to a stage on which the drama of eternity is being unfolded. We are
      actors. The sun rises and falls like a great curtain day after day, and
      every time we "repeat our lives" we make a decision. We either respond
      to the cues of our daily circumstances just to get our part over with,
      or we look at our role in life as a wonderful opportunity to know and
      enjoy the goodness and wisdom of the great Director (5:18-20; 12:13-14).

      As we gladly participate in this repetitive activity, character is
      formed, faith is strengthened, hope is increased, and endurance is
      developed. Through the normal course of events, God is saying to us that
      there is more to our earthly existence than the meaningless round of
      Part of God's plan for us is that we yield to His guidance in
      ordinary events that occur over and over again. Repeatedly trusting the
      Lord throughout this month, this week, this day, and this hour is by far
      the surest way to make routinely fresh. - Matt De Haan

      I wonder what I did for God today:
      How many times did I once pause and pray?
      But I must find and serve Him in these ways,
      For life is made of ordinary days - Macbeth

      If life is a grind, use it to sharpen you character,
      Our Daily Bread; 11/16/2003

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