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  • Bayo Afolaranmi
    Dearly Beloved, THE EIGHTY-SIXTH PSALM “Hear, O Lord, and answer me, for I am poor and needy.... Hear my prayer, O Lord; listen to my cry for mercy” (Psalm
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      Dearly Beloved,
      “Hear, O Lord, and answer me, for I am poor and needy.... Hear my
      prayer, O Lord; listen to my cry for mercy” (Psalm 86:1, 6 NIV).
      Psalm 86 was supposedly written by King David, though its placement
      among the psalms ascribed to “the Sons of Korah” made some people to
      doubt its Davidic authorship. However, its contents and layout
      resemble most of the psalms that are ascribed to David without any
      controversy. The writer of this psalm was undoubtedly in a danger, and
      he called on God to deliver him from his enemies.
      The psalmist considered himself as somebody who is “poor and needy,”
      therefore, he prayed that God should hear and answer his prayers
      (verse 1). There are at least five different kinds of prayers in this
      One, prayer of protection: because the psalmist was being attacked by
      people he regarded as “the arrogant” and “a band of ruthless men” in
      verse 14, his first prayer point was that God should guard his life
      (verse 2). He could attest to the fact that he was devoted to and
      trust in God, hence, this prayer.
      Two, prayer for mercy: thrice in this psalm, the psalmist cried out to
      God for mercy (verses 3, 6, 16). He knew that only God could grant him
      Three, prayer of forgiveness: the psalmist regarded God as a forgiving
      God who is good and abounding in love. By implication, he was asking
      God to forgive him as he was crying to Him.
      Four, prayer of worship: in spite of his predicament, the psalmist
      worshipped God for who He is (verses 8-10).
      Five, prayer of praises: closely related to the previous prayer is
      this. The psalmist praised God for what He is doing (verses 10, 12,
      13). His predicament did not blindfold him to who God is and what His
      had done in his life.
      There are other prayers for joy (verse 4), instruction (verse 11), and
      the goodness of God (verse 17) also in this psalm. The eighty-sixth
      psalm is indeed worthy of meditation.
      What is your predicament presently? Are you also ready to cry to God?
      He has promised, “...call upon me in the day of trouble; I will
      deliver you, and you will honor me” (Psalm 50:15 NIV). Cry unto Him,
      and He is ready to answer you.
      In His service,
      Bayo Afolaranmi (Pastor).
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