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Re: No Gaming Tonight!

John, I think that you sent this to the wrong routing list. Pat Dodd _____ From: woofwoofwinery@yahoogroups.com [mailto:woofwoofwinery@yahoogroups.com] On
The Dodd Family
Jun 6, 2010

Label Party Date

June 3rd is our date for the label Party. If there are any changes I will post them here. See you there!
John Marsella
Mar 31, 2006

From our Alpha Dog

2005 Vintage (this year) Black-tie Barrel Tasting Party: Yep, it's nearly Holiday time, and our first party of the new vintage year is scheduled for Saturday,
John Marsella
Nov 20, 2005

No Worky Saturday

Well, it looks like most of our needed labors have been completed. Thanks to all who came out last night. We will do labels sometime in the near future so stay
John Marsella
Oct 7, 2005


Yes...you read the subject line correctly! What have I said about the unpredictable nature of winemaking? Well....our fermentations have been running a bit
John Marsella
Oct 6, 2005

We Press Thursday - Volunteers Needed!

The extra heat of fermentation has shaved a day and a half off the process. With the unstable nature of the Syrah (potential for vinegar bacteria) and the
John Marsella
Oct 5, 2005

Work Party Pictures

I've just uploaded a few pictures from today's work party. Go to Photos and take a look...
James R Davis
Oct 1, 2005


Hello all! The grapes WILL BE HERE THIS SATURDAY, so we need to move forward with our plans to have a work day! Also, please note that we will have a work day
John Marsella
Sep 28, 2005

A Message From Our President

Hello all Woof Woof veterans and potential newcomers! Our 2004 vintage wines are nearing the end of their aging, and the grapes for the 2005 harvest are slowly
John Marsella
Sep 21, 2005
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