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Re: [woodandbrass] Cascade Panorama Reunion Issue Available

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  • Martin magid
    Congratulations, Ralph. Great material in that issue. Marty ... Congratulations, Ralph.  Great material in that issue. Marty On Sat, Oct 9, 2010 at 12:14 AM,
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      Congratulations, Ralph.  Great material in that issue.


      On Sat, Oct 9, 2010 at 12:14 AM, Ralph & Bobbi London <London@...> wrote:

      Many people enjoyed reading articles on photographica collecting and photo history in the Cascade Panorama until it ceased publication in late 2003.  Now one more issue with numerous color images is available only as an online pdf:

      You’ll find a range of articles on cameras, lenses, images, technique, people and more.  Called the Reunion Issue, it contains 11 articles by a talented group of writers, several of whom are newcomers and others who wrote previously.  Here are the authors and titles in this issue:

      Mike Kessler, “I See The Mountain” and Stereoscopic Furniture
      Milan Zahorcak, Lens Lore: The Morrison Connection
      Janice G. Schimmelman, Scratching the Surface: The Nineteenth Century Comic Tintype Drawing
      Bobbi London, Stanhope Postcard
      Scott Bilotta, Early Color Photographic Expeditions and Processes
      Robert Lansdale, How F. W. “Fitz” Guerin Created His Illustrations
      Ralph London, Camera Identification Needed
      Ron Kriesel, The Journey Since 2003
      Ralph London, American Optical Company Cameras
      Mike H. Symons, Too Much Information Can Be Dangerous
      Rob Niederman, Pearsall’s Compact Camera: Forerunner to the Modern Folding Camera

      As in the past, Ralph London did the editing and Charlie Kamerman did the layout.

      Ralph London
      Portland, Oregon, USA

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