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Re: [woodandbrass] Re: Casket set

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  • Fred /Maren Friedman
    Oh milan, You left out the 4th form and the fifth: too bent and too expensive! Cheers, Fred
    Message 1 of 9 , Apr 21, 2009
      Oh milan,
      You left out the 4th form and the fifth: too bent and too expensive!
      On Apr 21, 2009, at 5:46 AM, Milan Zahorcak wrote:

      Not a diatribe, just a statement of the obvious.
      Lens flanges only come in three forms:  too big, too small, and wrong pitch.
      That's all you need to know, and are now all experts.
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      Hi Ole,
      Don't get us started on the subject of lens mounts or flanges. Milan Zahorcak does quite a nice little diatribe on that; you there Milan? 
      Ole, it must be nice for you to get back home; there's no way I would have your job. Too long away from cameras.....

      --- In woodandbrass@ yahoogroups. com, "Ole Tjugen" <ole@...> wrote:
      > I'll get home tonight.
      > So sometime in the next few days I'll find my casket set tables and put them 
      > up on the www.casket-set. com site.
      > These 15/25/35/45/ ... Aplanat sets tend to be German. The difficulty is that 
      > just about everyone made them, and it seems there were several makers who 
      > provided unmarked sets to others - cameramakers, instrument makers, cabinet 
      > makers and so on - for relabelling. The majority of these were never 
      > relabelled, except possibly on the box. My Chr. Fr. Winter Sohn set is a 
      > classic example of this. It may have been made by Rodenstock; I bought it 
      > with a 13x18cm "Reisekamera" marked with the same Winter name. Winter never 
      > made optics.
      > Anyway I have found at least five slightly different cell threads in these 
      > sets, so that a cell from one set will generally not fit in a barrel from 
      > another. I don't know if each maker used their own threads - or even if each 
      > maker used whatever thread they just felt like using and everything is in 
      > fact incompatible! The only sign of compatibility I have ever found in 
      > German casket sets is that a flange I happened to have already (without 
      > attached lens; it sits on a front plate for a Thornton-Pickard T&I shutter) 
      > miraculously fit the Winter barrel.
      > Casket sets are both interesting and infuriating. Just like German plate 
      > cameras there are hundreds of varieties with very little difference and lots 
      > of different makers who all made (or had made) very similar things over a 
      > very long period of time, and the vast majority left no records. 
      > English plate cameras would be so much easier...
      > -- 
      > Ole Tjugen
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      > > Hi Fred, 
      > > I don't know if this is any help or not, but the only casket set I have is 
      > a Busch Satz 2. I have put pictures and what I hope are readable tables in 
      > my album, top left; it is marked "English Sliding Box Camera" until some 
      > kind soul on this list puts me out of my misery and tells me how to change 
      > the album title; until then, I hope these pictures are of some use, maybe. 
      > > Eric. 
      > > 
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      > wrote: 
      > > > 
      > > > I had sent pix of the casket set last Friday, but upon checking, I do 
      > > > not see the photo on our Yahoo site. So, I am resending and hope this 
      > > > gets through. Any thoughts and information would be appreciated. As 
      > > > per previous emails, I am a novice in this matter and want to know how 
      > > > to try and use these lenses. What does one do to check focal lengths 
      > > > of the various back and front combinations and any thoughts on the 
      > > > nationality and/or maker. 
      > > > Many thanks, 
      > > > Fred 
      > > > 
      > > 
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