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Re: [woodandbrass] A Visual Compendium of Kodak Catalogs

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  • Milan Zahorcak**
    Thank you Marcel & Rob. I blush as modestly as I can . . . OK, I know that isn t much, but it sounds humble, right? But as a big believer in shameless
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 25, 2013

      Thank you Marcel & Rob.  I blush as modestly as I can . . . OK, I know that isn't much, but it sounds humble, right?  But as a big believer in shameless self-promotion, much less shameless advertising . . . for those of you who might have an interest, the Kodak Catalog poster that Rob is referring to can be seen here:


      That's just a small JPG of the 3 MB PDF which with print a perfect 18" X 24" poster.  The poster PDF is included in the Bonus Material of the Digitized Kodak Catalog CD . . . more information can be found on Rob's website.  Boy, how's that for working in a plug?

      And anyone who would like the full-size PDF by itself can email me directly (let's not clutter up W&B) and I'll be happy to send either a 3MB attachment or a link to a download.


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      Hi Marcel ... ironically a friend showed this to me the other day. In summary, they got it wrong on too many levels. As far as shameless advertising, the PDF poster of Kodak catalog covers put together by Milan as part of our Kodak catalog project is much better.  J

      .: Rob




      From: Marcel Safier [mailto:msafier@...]
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      Subject: [woodandbrass] A Visual Compendium of Cameras



      Hi all

      A Visual Compendium of Cameras: A meticulously illustrated catalog of 100 landmark cameras, culled from over a century of photographic history, depicting both professional and consumer models and tracing photography's history from the first models to today's digital wonders.


      These things are always very subjective but why does the Gandolfi 1/4 plate get a guernsey above and beyond many more meaningful W&B delights? Now many on this list actually own one? I've never seen an example...



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