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Re: [woodandbrass] Early Voigtlander Petzval lens and flange question

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  • sandybarrie
    Hi, I can answer that... I have three outwardly identical Petzval lenses from the late 1840 s... no brand... outside sizes exact. internal threads all
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      I can answer that...

      I have three outwardly identical Petzval lenses from the late 1840's... no brand... outside sizes exact.

      internal threads all different.

      there was almost no standardisation in any world threads till the 1850's-60's.

      Whitworth, the famous engineer, only designed threads standards in the 1840's, but thread standards were not adopted by many countries thill the 1860's...

      even at the height of the Victorian era, almost every manufacturer had their own thread, and some like withworth, had several versions.. Whithworth, Whitworth Corse 7 fine.. etc.. there was also British Standard Brass, British Small Arms, British Standard Gas, etc.. a popular mechanic mag from the 1960s listed no less than over 80 thread standards for english imperial alone, and over 70 for metric... Imperial was brought in in 1827 in england and English commonwealth countries alone, Metric was brought in in 1818, and the US stayed with what was the English Standard measure (and also the french measure when it separated in 1776.. that is why the American Gallon is 20% shorter than the english gallon...  and the american inch is only VERY fractionally shorter than the english..

      America only started making industry standard matching assembly parts during the civil war, and then mainly for the military... the civilians did not see the practical terms of making things standards, even into the 1870's...

      What happened din other countries could have been more chaotic...

      to put it in short... threads are only batch matchable in the 1840's to 1860's...

      regards, Sandy

      On 18/08/2012, at 10:44 PM, dcolucci@... wrote:


      I have been searching for an early 1/4 plate Voigtlander lens for a Daguerreotype camera and have a lead on one but of course its missing its flange.  The lens in question has a serial # of 4xxx and is from c. 1852
      Here's my question - do we think that Voigtlander flanges remained consistent over time - so that perhaps if I found a later 1/4 plate Voigtlander with flange, it will fit this earlier lens...or am I dreaming and should just wait until a complete lens comes along?
      I do understand across manufacturers there was little if any standardization among flange sizes/thread pitches etc.. but wasn't sure about within a manufacturer like Voigtlander if that was different.

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