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Re: [woodandbrass] James H Perry ? American lensmaker ?

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  • Milan Zahorcak
    That the blurb that Snelling wrote? Wishful thinking, but have to admire his promotion of American makers. And also, the only written mention I ever saw.
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      That the blurb that Snelling wrote?  Wishful thinking, but have to admire his promotion of American makers.  And also, the o
      nly written mention I ever saw.  What else have you found?

      Perry couldn't have been much competition for CCH considering how many Perry lenses we've seen . . . one.

      But speaking of "one" - now for the tragic bit - I had a Perry lens once - a 1000 years ago - before I knew I would grow up to collect lenses.  Didn't think much of it - and of course, I couldn't find anything on him and figured he was just a jobber or some retailer.

      Typical 1/4-plate Petzval.   Sold it of course - I think I bought a Darlot 3-lever with the proceeds to fit out an EA Novelette.

      And here's the best part . . . pre-digital . . . and it never even dawned on me to take a pic of it.

      I could draw you a picture . . .

      Live and learn.


      On 5/22/2012 1:53 PM, dcolucci@... wrote:
      I have seen a few references to a James Perry of New York City from the early 1850's.  Does anyone have more info on Mr Perry ?  I vaguely remembered reading

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