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Re: [woodandbrass] Re:1/4 Plate Daguerreotype Lens; questions

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  • Jerry Laderberg
    Ira: You should check out this for pix & details answering your questions. www,flickr.com/photos/53219693@NO7/6473092349/in/photostream The cameras are being
    Message 1 of 7 , May 11, 2012
      Ira:  You should check out this for pix & details answering your questions.
        The cameras are being made in London by a fellow named Roseman.  I have one of his cameras - beautiful!
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      Subject: [woodandbrass] Re:1/4 Plate Daguerreotype Lens; questions



          I wish that I could help but have not found anything like that in my sorting.

          Do have a few of questions.
            In a camera like that, how do you see to focus? Then, what holds everything in place so that you can swap the glass for th plate holder?
             Is a daguerreian plate carrier interchangeable with a wetplate carrier?
             When you do find a correct lens, what do you plan for that one?

            I am building some 'pre-1865' type cameras to take to educational programs and to use to do dags & wetplates at reenactments. The cameras will be repro or 'modified' but I would especially like some period (pre-1860) lenses that could have been used for either/both. For the 'battlefield' shots I have a digital mounted in one of my W&Bs. Will soon have a stereo lens for it and then the fun begins.  While I do have some older lenses, none have been positively placed before 1865.
            Have yet to find any generic plate holders for study examples or to copy. I am using oak, walnut & cherry but if I can get some patterns made I should have some more 'exotic' choices available when I get back to Thailand.
            Suggestions on buying the lenses & plate holders will be appreciated. Have done the WTB with IDCC but not a peep. Would I have better luck trying the W&B, Dag Society, or the wetplate group? Do you ever see this type of thing besides on ebay? I expect to end up building a 'period' stereo pair if I really want them..........

                                  My thanks,

      Your help locating an available, original and complete example is much appreciated.
      Thank you,

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