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Halle on the Radio & TV - THIS WEEK!!!!

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  • robirob1_2000
    ....>>>TUESDAY! 2/6/01<<< Halle and Eric will be live on THE BEAT with Host Steve Harvery on Tuesday, 2/6/01 at 8AM!!!! If you
    Message 1 of 28 , Feb 3, 2001
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      2/6/01<<<<br>Halle and Eric will be live on "THE BEAT" with Host
      Steve Harvery on Tuesday, 2/6/01 at 8AM!!!!<br><br>If
      you live in LA be sure to tune in! And if you don't,
      no need to worry. I'll be sure to type up a
      transcript.<br><br>100.3 KKBT The Beat<br><br>**Currently "The Beat's"
      live Webcast is working on and off. Try these links on
      Tuesday and hopefully one of them will be
      working.<br><a href=http://www.fastbroadcast.com/Asf/beat.asx target=new>http://www.fastbroadcast.com/Asf/beat.asx</a><br>-- You'll need Windows Media to play
      it!<br><a href=http://www.thebeatla.com/index.html target=new>http://www.thebeatla.com/index.html</a><br><br>>>>WEDNESDAY! 2/7/01<<<<br>Be sure to check out all
      the highlights from the Hallewood.com launch party.
      Halle & Eric will be on ET (Entertainment Tonight) -
      NBC. Check your local listings for times. You may also
      see 2 other people you know - Me (Robin) & Brittney
      (HA!!!!) - HOW COOL IS THAT!!!!!. So be sure to tune in
      and we'll tell you all about it when we get
      back!!!!<br><br>See you in the HalleWay, <br>~Rob
    • robirob1_2000
      ~~~~~Upcoming Contest!!!: YAY now that we have the registration forms we can start our VERY 1ST CONTEST! To show her love and appreciation for all you do
      Message 2 of 28 , Feb 18, 2001
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        ~~~~~Upcoming Contest!!!: YAY now that we have
        the registration forms we can<br>start our VERY 1ST
        CONTEST! To show her love and appreciation for all
        you<br>do Halle will be (You may want to sit down before
        you read this) Calling<br>the following Groovers on
        the Telephone! YES you read it right!!! If you<br>are
        the winner Halle will be CALLING YOUR HOUSE!!!!! Just
        to say Hi and<br>Thanks for being a
        groover!<br><br>Halle will call:<br>The 1st groover who signed up for
        Free Membership<br>The 1st groover who signed up for a
        VIP Memebership<br>The FAN of the month who is the
        fan selected based on the overall support<br>that a
        person has shown to Halle via the message boards and
        emails sent to<br>Hallewood.com.<br><br>Halle is really
        Happy and Excited to be making these calls and we
        will<br>announce the winners very soon on hallewood.com and then
        the winners will<br>be hearing from
        Halle!!!!<br><br>ONLINE CHAT!!!!! Join Halle On Line!!!<br>The first ever
        Online Chat will be on Tuesday, February 27, 2001<br>The
        Hour long Chat will begin at 5:30pm PST (8:30pm
        EST)<br>We hope to see you there Halle looks forward to
        talking to YOU!!!!<br>To log onto the chat Please go to
        <a href=http://www.hallewood.com/ target=new>http://www.hallewood.com/</a> ON THE DAY OF<br>THE CHAT and click on the Online
        Chat Icon.
      • robirob1_2000
        >>>In preparation for the GROOVER chat on Tuesday, I thought I d give you a little Flashback from a couple of Halle s previous online Chats with MTV
        Message 3 of 28 , Feb 24, 2001
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          >>>In preparation for the GROOVER chat
          on Tuesday, I thought I'd give you a little
          Flashback from a couple of Halle's previous online Chats
          with MTV and Maxim. Just think - this time it could be
          your name scrolling across the screen (SMILE):<br>MTV:
          <a href=http://www.mtv.com/mtv/live/arena/transcript/halleberry.html target=new>http://www.mtv.com/mtv/live/arena/transcript/halleberry.html</a><br>MAXIM: <a href=http://maximonline.com/online_events/ target=new>http://maximonline.com/online_events/</a> In the
          Bottom Right Corner - Click READ Past Transcripts and
          Click the Transcript for 7/10/00 - Girls of X-men Video
          Chat<br><br>Also **ERICA J.** is keeping us all IN-THE-KNOW these
          days. Here's the lates re: Halle's TV appearances and
          latest Magazine Articles from Erica - Thanks!!!!! Don't
          forget to visit Erica's Yahoo Site - Halle Berry
          Quarters - It's GROOVY!!!
          clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/halleberryquarters <br><br>~Halle will be appearing as a presenter
          at this years SAG AWARDS - Sunday MARCH 11, 2001.
          **Also look for Halle on the NAACP Image Awards (March
          9th), Academy Awards (March 25h) & The Kids Choice
          Awards (April 21st)<br><br>~Well it looks like InStyle
          Magazine has a few things on Ms. Jordan check out the
          following info you can find on Halle in the March 2001
          issue on newsstands now!~<br>*There is a pic of Halle
          in her gorgeous Jon Valdi dress (from the Castaway
          premiere)<br><br>*In the C'mon Tell Us section- The question for this
          month is Do Blonds Have More Fun?<br>And Halle said "I
          took one of my blond wigs home from the X-Men set. I
          like to wear it in private. I'll leave the details to
          your imagination, but it's always fun" (Mmmm, go head
          Ms. Halle)<br><br>*And lastly in the Net Shopper's
          section Hallewood.com is featured as the site to check
          out, InStyle chose her site because it offers the
          "real" Halle and it commented on halle's bio,
          filmography, photogallery, etc as the most up to dateed and
          commends her for her seasonal info on fashion and beauty.
          And urges readers to join hallewood.com. So if you
          want to check all of this out, then pick up the March
          issue of InStyle magazine on newsstands now.
          <br><br>Also: Pick up the Feb 26th issue of Jet Magazine, they
          have a beautiful picture of Halle and Eric and of
          course they are discussing the couples recent nuptials.
          So check it out. <br><br>~Pick up the February 26,
          2001 issue of People Magazine, it has a nice article
          on Halle and Eric's nuptials and a nice pic from the
          launch party~ <br><br>To see picks from each these
          issues you can see that at Halle Berry Quarters
        • robirob1_2000
          >>FILMING BEGINS IN MAY!!!! By Tim Swanson HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - Halle Berry is in final negotiations to star opposite Billy Bob Thornton
          Message 4 of 28 , Mar 21, 2001
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            >>FILMING BEGINS IN MAY!!!!<br><br>By Tim
            Swanson<br><br>HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - Halle Berry is in final negotiations
            to star opposite Billy Bob Thornton and Wes Bentley
            in "Monster's Ball," which is scheduled to begin
            filming May 1.<br><br>Berry would play the widow of a
            criminal put to death in the contemporary South. Thornton
            and Bentley are a father and son who work on an
            electric chair for the local prison; the Thornton
            character, a racist, falls in love with the
            widow.<br><br>The long-in-development "Ball" was originally at Fine
            Line Features with interest from Robert De Niro to
            star and Sean Penn to direct.<br><br>The script was
            picked up earlier this year by director Marc Forster,
            who is nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for
            the Sundance picture "Everything Put Together," which
            he helmed and co-wrote.<br><br>Canadian studio Lions
            Gate Films is wrapping up a deal to finance and
            distribute the picture, which has a mid-seven-figure
            budget.<br><a href=http://news.excite.com/news/r/010321/03/film-berry target=new>http://news.excite.com/news/r/010321/03/film-berry</a><br><br>In case you don't know the co-stars - check these
            links:<br>Who is Billy Bob Thornton?
            <a href=http://us.imdb.com/Name?Thornton,+Billy+Bob target=new>http://us.imdb.com/Name?Thornton,+Billy+Bob</a><br><br>Who is Wes
            Bentley?<br><a href=http://us.imdb.com/Name?Bentley,+Wes target=new>http://us.imdb.com/Name?Bentley,+Wes</a><br><br>Who is Jeffrey
            Wright?<br><a href=http://us.imdb.com/Name?Wright,+Jeffrey+ target=new>http://us.imdb.com/Name?Wright,+Jeffrey+</a>(I)<br><br>**Also be sure to check out the informative article
            posted by Vipereyes:
            <a href=http://x-men.fandom.com/editorial.asp?action=page&obj_id=266186 target=new>http://x-men.fandom.com/editorial.asp?action=page&obj_id=266186</a>
          • robirob1_2000
            --The PASSWORD IS: NSA See the Official Hallehood Message Board for more info:
            Message 5 of 28 , Mar 25, 2001
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              --The PASSWORD IS: NSA<br><br>See the Official Hallehood Message Board for more info:<br><a href=http://hallewood.community.everyone.net/commun_v3/scripts/directory.pl target=new>http://hallewood.community.everyone.net/commun_v3/scripts/directory.pl</a>
            • rogue_x_men_marie
              plz join: a lot of characters are still open
              Message 6 of 28 , Apr 24, 2001
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                plz join: a lot of characters are still open<br><br><a href=http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/roguesxmenrpghaven target=new>http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/roguesxmenrpghaven</a>
              • ja_riise
                anyone still remotely alive in this club?
                Message 7 of 28 , Dec 29, 2001
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                  anyone still remotely alive in this club?
                • rogue_the_untouchable_x_men
                  i just joined a few days ago and this is a cool club. Also if any 1 would like 2 join my x-men group rp plz go to:
                  Message 8 of 28 , Jan 14, 2002
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                    i just joined a few days ago and this is a cool club.<br>Also if any 1 would like 2 join my x-men group rp plz go to: <a href=http://groups.yahoo.com/group/We-are-the-future-not-them target=new>http://groups.yahoo.com/group/We-are-the-future-not-them</a>
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