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Yahoo Group for Hull Stingrays UK pro team

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  • Seth Lagomorph
    In Britain and want to see hockey in person? No problem! There are women s amautuer teams, including the Chelmsford Cobras
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2004
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      In Britain and want to see hockey in person? No problem! There are
      women's amautuer teams, including the Chelmsford Cobras
      http://homepage.ntlworld.com/m.preen/cobras.html and men's pro major
      Findus British National League teams and the Elite Ice Hockey
      League's teams will get your fix.
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HullStingrays/ is the address for my
      Yahoo Group I created for the Hull Stingrays, as I didn't find any
      out there. Please join if you like Hulls's FBNL team. The official
      site for the team is http://www.hullstingrays.co.uk Not much in there
      now, but I hope people will contribute. As I am an American who
      hasn't been to England in years, I will probally be ignorant about
      alot of aspects of British hockey, but I love hockey and I love
      Britain (and the USA, of course) so I thought it would be good to
      follow them. So far all I've found are the official Findus and Elite
      league sites, their team sites, and Premire league site and team
      sites, plus a few other junior team and league sites besides
      Premire's. I could not find any Real Audio stations for live coverage
      of today's games, or yesterday, as the case may be, but I did find a
      site for live scoring updates for the top leagues, a station with
      higlights program two days a week, and a British hockey magazine,
      Powerplay, which is expensive to subscribe for Americans. It's only
      two pounds an issue in the UK so that's not bad. I will try to get a
      newsagent here in my city, Sacramento, to get it. They took a long
      time trying to get Goalie World, from Quebec, which they mistakenly
      thought was from England. They did have a British hockey magazine
      once, probally Powerplay. Don't know how many British hockey
      magazines there are. The merchandise prices from the UK's team sites
      aren't any cheaper than in the USA - 48 pounds for a personalized
      Hull replica jersey. Nice looking away jersey. Rivercity Sports, out
      of Winnepeg Manitoba, Canada, has a lot of cheap deals on outdated
      jerseys. Maybe I could get a deal on Hull Storm or London Knights
      jereseys? They don't sell UK hockey stuff though.
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