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WOUGNET Update Newsletter - May 2001

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  • Dorothy Okello
    WOUGNET Update Newsletter - May 2001 ************************************* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WHAT S NEW ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here is a list of what s new at the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2001
      WOUGNET Update Newsletter - May 2001

      WHAT'S NEW
      Here is a list of what's new at the Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET)
      website - http://www.kabissa.org/wougnet/. For comments or queries,
      please contact info-wougnet@....

      NOTE: Search facility added to WOUGNET website.


      = Hope After Rape (HAR)
      HAR's mission is to facilitate the recovery of abused children,
      women and their families through training, research, advocacy and
      provision of psychosocial suport services.


      = All Africa Women for Peace
      All Africa Women for Peace (AAWP)'s mission is to advance the
      participation of women in peace making and development in Africa
      through research, training, networking and counselling.

      = East African Media Women Association (EAMWA)
      EAMWA's goal is to network members' associations and to
      explore the potential of new information and communication
      technologies (NICTs), particularly the Internet. In addition,
      EAMWA will help create linkages between the mass media and
      gender activists in a variety of fields.


      a) Business Links and Resources

      = Shibumi Holdings, Inc.
      Shibumi Holdings, Inc. is a private firm that provides aid in
      fulfilling the needs in the areas of Education,
      Telecommunications, Information Technology, Heavy Industry,
      Energy, Mineral Import/Export, and Construction.

      b) Development Links and Resources

      = The Nile Basin Society
      The Nile Basin Society (NBS), a Canadian non-governmental
      organisation (NGO), spreads understanding between Nile Basin
      NGOs and media to help in development issues for the whole
      basin. NBS is a member of the Gender and Water Alliance (GWA).

      c) Environment Links and Resources

      = Advocates Coalition on Environment and Development (ACODE)
      ACODE's mission is to promote a conducive operational environment
      for environmental civic organisations, to promote environmental
      litigation as a tool for environmental management, to promote
      access to enviromental information, and to advocate for community
      resource rights. ACODE is based in Uganda.


      = Making Waves:
      Stories of Participatory Communication for Social Change
      Written by Alfonso Gumucio Dagron, has just been published by The
      Rockefeller Foundation. A study of the field of participatory
      communication for social change and how it is evolving. Reviews 50
      illustrations of the power of community decision-making and action
      in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Highlights action that
      communicates the lives and circumstances of the poor and excluded
      in words and terms that they themselves use.

      For printed copies of the report, please write to:
      Attn: Communications Department
      The Rockefeller Foundation
      420 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10018
      For a copy via email, send a message to: webinfo@....
      Include the publication title, your name, phone number and
      complete mailing address.

      To list your event/news on the WOUGNET website, send details about
      the event/news including contact information to:

      New Program: WebDesign

      Websites can be a beneficial tool for making contacts, forging
      partnerships, fundraising, and marketing services and crafts. The
      WebDesign program is a partnership of WOUGNET and InterConnection to
      donate websites to WOUGNET members that meet InterConnection's
      criteria for website donation. The websites will be developed by
      InterConnection volunteers and the only responsibility for WOUGNET
      members will be to provide appropriate text and photos for the

      InterConnection's mission is to provide the Internet and computer
      technology and training to underserved communities in developing
      countries. A sample of websites that have been donated by
      InterConnection is available at: http://www.interconnection.org/ngo

      For more information about the WebDesign program or to obtain
      application forms for a donated website, contact

      For information about InterConnection, visit their website at

      The Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET) website and
      mailing lists are supported by Kabissa - Space for Change in Africa
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