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  • Redwood Mary
    Just FYI from the Youth Caucus Mary Rose (Redwood Mary) Kaczorowski REDWOOD MARY s BLOG:http://redwoodmaryncalifornia.blogspot.com/ & Column
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 11, 2008

      Just FYI from the Youth Caucus
      Mary Rose (Redwood Mary) Kaczorowski
      REDWOOD MARY's BLOG:http://redwoodmaryncalifornia.blogspot.com/ &
      Column at:http://www.feminist.com/activism/environment.html

      --- On Thu, 12/11/08, Commission on Sustainable Development Youth Caucus <WSSD-YouthCaucus@...> wrote:
      From: Commission on Sustainable Development Youth Caucus <WSSD-YouthCaucus@...>
      Subject: [WSSD-YouthCaucus] Daily Digest for December 10, 2008 (1 msg)
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      Date: Thursday, December 11, 2008, 1:02 AM

      Welcome to your Daily Digest for the 'Commission on Sustainable Development
      Youth Caucus' group!
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      Here's a summary of yesterday's message from the group:
      1 ->  Invitation to Press Briefing - Thursday 11 December 2009  - COP 14
      Poznan (Bremley W.B.Lyngdoh)
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      From: Bremley W.B.Lyngdoh <bremley@...>
      Subject:  Invitation to Press Briefing - Thursday 11 December 2009  - COP 14
      Press Briefing  11/12/2008
      Venue: Swan Room, 2nd Floor Building 14 B, 3.30 - 4.00pm - Poznan Convention
      It is clear in the Bali roadmap that much attention has been given to the four
      building blocks as the basis of the policy framework for the second set of Kyoto
      commitments. However, given the complexities of the current global challenges,
      mitigating climate change can exacerbate or worsen biodiversity loss, water
      shortages, food security, and poverty reduction. As we look to Copenhagen, the
      fifth building block is missing. It is time to ask, "What are Stakeholders,
      Governments and Civil Society Organisations doing about Environmental Education
      and Sustainability?"
      It is apparent within the international community and the Education Caucus of
      the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) that there is a
      need to focus on climate in terms of a well-prepared society; A commitment that
      creates an Actionable Guide post-2012, which engages people in sustainability as
      a major part of the policy agenda on adaptation and mitigating the impacts of
      climate change.
      There is a shared concern within the context of regional and national climate
      change strategies to achieve effective integration, cooperation and coordination
      to act with a unity of purpose.
      Learning societies and learning organizations lie at the heart of strategically
      addressing these global responsibilities linked to local realities.
      Investing in a well-prepared society is an essential part of the underlying
      foundation to the four Building Blocks. Therefore, a post-2012 climate regime
      requires strong commitments to:
      First, moving the human dimensions’ agenda for building a well-prepared
      society to the centre-stage of the post-2012 long-term commitments for
      mitigating and adapting to climate impacts;   and 
      Secondly, mainstreaming Environmental Education and sustainability into
      integrated policy approaches, effective programmes of action, and national and
      international climate change cooperative activities. (Agenda 21; JPOI)    
      Broad public participation is the perquisite for the achievement of sustainable
      development. It is only thought the committed involvement and engagement of all
      stakeholder that we can have effective impact on the implementation of climate
      priorities and plans of action.   
       -- United Nations CSD Education Caucus
      Pam J. Puntenney and  Bremley W.B. Lyngdoh
      Cell: +44-7899897823		

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